Taluau & Foltzenlogel

Taluau and Foltzenlogels' family property lies in the Loire valley appellation of St Nicolas de Bourgeuil, where they produce wines from both St Nicolas de Bourgueil as well as Bourgueil. The vineyard is characterised by gentle slopes (10-15% incline), and a clay-silex-chalk terroir, a good water conserver, which helps the vines during periods of extreme drought.

The vineyard employs Culture raisonnée, which means they use only the minimum treatments for the vines, and only when absolutely necessary. Over all the property they use natural ground cover between vines to nourish and protect the vines. Careful vine management is paramount. Deleafing and thinning is used on vines younger than 30 years old, whilst control of bud growth is used on the majority of the vineyard.

AOC Bourgueil Passion

AOC St Nicolas de Bourgueil L'Expression

AOC St Nicolas de Bourgueil Vieilles Vignes