Domaine Castel-Sablons


The history of Cognac and brandy in the Roux family is a long and distinguished one. It begins in 1879 in the commune of Mortiers, a few kilometres from Saint Maigrin. It was here that the ancestors of Jean-Pierre Roux, the current distiller, owned a few hectares of vines and the very first still.

Later in 1929 Marie, who inherited the vines in Mortiers, and her husband Pierre Roux, decided to find improved ‘terroir’ and moved to Saint-Maigrin.

For several decades the activity prospered thanks to Pierre’s hard work and the quality of the vineyards; his son, Jean-Claude, took over the reins at the beginning of the 1970s and continued the development of the vines and the distillery.

Now, 40 years later, production and evolution continues in Saint-Maigrin in the heart of the ‘Fins Bois’ appellation of Cognac. It is the turn of Jean-Pierre, son of Jean-Claude, to continue the work of his ancestors alongside his father who is now the cellarmaster.

Domaine Castel-Sablons continues to be a thriving family enterprise in the 21st Century, and is known throughout the area for producing and selling the finest quality brandy and Cognac.