About Us

The company was founded by Simon Trevor in the Bordeaux region of France in 2004. He had previously spent 15 years in Scotland working on the export side of the Scotch whisky industry. The company’s main brands were ‘The Famous Grouse’ blended whisky and ‘The Macallan’ single malt.

The move to France helped prove the theory that there are many excellent wines that never leave France, and are consumed only by the French or by those lucky enough to live in France.  This was the catalyst for setting up France Uncorked Ltd. Buyers in export markets are often only aware of the big branded wines, produced by the big negociants, and the smaller producer with limited resources never has his wine tasted outside his native country.

We aim to help buyers meet the right suppliers. We know many producers in many appellations throughout France, and we help to market their goods, specialising in the export markets. We act as long term partners to sellers and buyers, helping in their relationship through day to day communication and marketing assistance.