Les Vignerons d’Uni-Medoc

Les Vignerons d'Uni-Medoc founded in the 1930s is really a collection of 5 different Co-operatives with its centre at Gaillan in the Medoc. Producing wines of excellent quality, the co-operative not only bottles its own wines under its own labels, but also vinifies wines from some of its member chateaux separately, so it has several 'chateau' labels. France Uncorked is fortunate to have been selected to market some of these labels in export markets.

The co-operative has approximately 300 member vineyards, who between them have about 1230 hectares of vines, covering the diversity and variety of the Medoc appellation. These family estates, committed to sustainable practice and eco-preservation, use the most up-to-date technology to obtain the best grape quality.

Two oenologists are employed by the Cave to give help and advise the viticulteurs. Part of their role involves the rigorous selection of parcels of grapes, necessary for laying the early foundation of the juice, which at a later stege will become fine wine.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, are the main grape varieties. These varieties are blended to produce the best possible wine.
  • Gravel, chalk-clay, and sandy-gravel are the different types of soil in the various vineyards

The Uni-Medoc cellar boasts grape variety, soil variety, aged vines, best practice, viticulteur and oenologist know-how, combined with the moderate oceanic climate of the Medocan peninsula. These are the real advantages of Uni-Medoc. A diversity of conditions and materials leads to a richness of wine.

La Cabanette AOC Medoc

Chateau La Rose St Germain AOC Medoc

Chateau La Roche Doree AOC Medoc

Chateau de Bensse AOC Medoc Cru Bourgeois